MetLife Long Term Care Insurance Premium Increase, “Reduced-Pay at 65,” and Improper Claim Denial

MetLife Long Term Care Insurance Premium Increase, “Reduced-Pay at 65,” and Improper Claim Denial Investigation:

Goldenberg Schneider is currently investigating recent reports that MetLife has imposed large premium increases on long term care insurance policyholders.  Long term care insurance is designed to cover the long term needs of aging patients, such as long term custodial care, nursing home care, and personal medical care.  People purchase long term care insurance now in anticipation of needing such care in the future.  However, reports indicate that MetLife and other long term care insurance providers are unreasonably hiking policyholders’ rates in an effort to force policyholders to abandon their policies before they ever have a chance to reap benefits from them. 

MetLife has reportedly even increased rates on policyholders enrolled in its “Reduced-Pay at 65” program.  The “Reduced-Pay at 65” program by MetLife purports to offer policyholders the option of paying slightly higher premiums when they are young and working in exchange for paying smaller premiums in the future when they turn 65 years old and retire.  However,  policyholders report than MetLife is not honoring the terms of the program and imposing premium rate increases on insureds even after they reach 65 years of age. 

Still other policyholders report that their claims for coverage are being unexpectedly denied.

If you or anyone you know have been affected by MetLife long term care insurance rate increases or claim denials and would like additional information about your legal rights, we would be pleased to review the circumstances and discuss the matter with you.  You can contact us at (513) 345-8291.

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