Utility Auditing Services

Goldenberg Schneider LPA has an experienced staff capable of assessing the accuracy, validity and reliability of utility rate trackers.  This includes an examination of the underlying data, management systems and procedures to assess whether the utility’s management is achieving economy, efficiency and effectiveness. 
Our legal/regulatory auditing and accounting knowledge and experience across various industrial sectors and public utility operations makes us well-suited for these audits:
• Our financial personnel have participated in many financial audits and regulatory filings during their employment with Duke Energy (formerly Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co.), including testifying on numerous issues before the Commission.
• Our EHS auditors have audited hundreds of EHS and other regulatory programs for our many industrial clients, including public utilities, over the past fifteen years.  Consequently, our auditors understand auditing techniques including operations review, flowcharting, process analysis, project management, process controls, quality assurance / quality control, data analyses, and other aspects of compliance management programs.
• We are experienced in day-to-day regulatory compliance and accounting requirements, and have audited regulatory programs, compliance processes, EHS management systems under international and internal company standards, Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, hazardous materials transportation, and specific compliance management programs across multiple manufacturing plants. 
• Our auditors have achieved significant education and experience; they are attorneys, accountants, MBAs, PhDs, Engineers, and have earned certifications from recognized auditing certification boards, e.g., BEAC, AICPA, and PEs.