International EHS Compliance Counseling/Coordination

The Firm has developed a significant network of trusted international environmental health and safety (EHS) auditors and compliance personnel in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.  These international personnel have worked directly for and with Firm personnel and have been evaluated to possess significant experience working in and for industry; they are not recent graduates with limited knowledge.  This network of individuals is available to the Firm’s clients for regulatory advice, EHS compliance and management support, internal assessments, to lead the way through the various and complex licensing and permitting requirements, to aid in communications between international and U.S. locations, or to serve as a temporary employee during important projects or to temporarily replace a retiree or employee vacancy.  These contacts can also customize tools to make compliance in various countries simpler and more efficient, including checklist programs for regular learning and assessment, forms for required data collection such as equipment monitoring, inspections, and reporting, permit compliance programs, or regulatory plan development.  When more support is necessary, this network can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to your personnel and compliance needs.  And where the client is seeking specific talent in a certain country, the Firm has extensive experience and strong contacts enabling it to search and find the talent necessary.  The Firm provides access to international EHS personnel through coordinated agreements and retainer programs.