EHS/HMT Compliance Counseling/Regulatory Advice

The Firm supports many clients by enhancing their environmental health and safety compliance and management systems programs.  We are able to advise about all compliance related programs and often customize tools to make compliance management simpler and more efficient.  These can include checklist programs for regular learning and assessment, forms for required data collection such as equipment monitoring, inspections, and reporting, or complex EHS compliance counseling, and permitting assistance.  We also have templates available to develop customized SPCC, SWPPP, contingency, HazCom, Emergency Action, Fire Prevention, Respiratory Protection, Bloodborne Pathogen, Lockout-Tagout, Confined Space, and Site Security (HMT) Plans, including all the necessary forms and appendices to operate a robust program.  When more support is necessary, we can offer thorough research on any compliance issue, or provide temporary employees to support the client’s operations. 

The Firm also provides insight into long-standing complex and unique compliance issues like SPCC applicability, proper PCB handling and disposal, lead paint issues, remediation assistance, beneficial reuse of boiler ash, Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) and FIFRA issues, the implications of used oil separation techniques, and many others.  We also track and advise about emerging issues,  their key developments, and likely impacts.  In short, our goal is to provide the legal and technical analyses necessary to thoroughly advise our clients toward common sense, cost-effective compliance solutions.