Areas of Practice

Class Actions
A class action is a court procedure wherein claims that similarly impact large numbers of people are handled in one lawsuit. A class action is an efficient alternative to one or more courts handling hundreds or thousands of individual lawsuits. A Plaintiff in a class action is called a “Class Representative” and brings the suit on his or her own behalf as well as on behalf of all persons who are “similarly situated” and who have suffered harm or injury as a result of the same conduct by the Defendant. The Class Representative protects his or her own interests as well as the interests of each class member. In order to qualify as a Class Representative, the Plaintiff must meet certain requirements: (1) the Plaintiff’s situation must be typical of the situation facing the other members of the class, (2) the Plaintiff must be generally familiar with the case and have a basic understanding of the dispute, and (3) the Plaintiff must be represented by competent and experienced counsel. Class Representatives need not be experts. Rather, anyone who has suffered a loss common to many others may qualify. GS has successfully represented millions of individuals nationwide by successfully litigating class actions.  If you feel that you have a claim and you suspect that others have similar claims, please contact us, or get information about joining a case by clicking below.  There is no charge for this type of consultation.

Consumer Protection
Consumers are entitled to safe products, fair sales practices and accurate representations relating to the qualities or characteristics of a product or service. Yet consumers fall victim to deceptive, unfair and unconscionable sales and advertising practices in many consumer transactions. GS is committed to representing and protecting consumers who have been taken advantage of due to their inability to understand the terms of a transaction, and to pursuing actions against sellers of goods and services who know the consumer cannot afford them or know the consumer is unable to receive substantial benefit from the purchase. GS is experienced in representing individual and classes of consumers who suffer damages from unsafe products (see Product Liability area of practice), illegal lending and billing practices, and fraudulent sales and advertising.

The market economy in this country is based upon free and fair business competition, which provides consumers with the best products at the best prices. Companies violate anti-trust laws when they prevent lawful competition by abusing monopoly power, fixing prices, refusing to deal with manufacturers or suppliers, requiring that a product or service can only be purchased with another product or service, or conspiring with other companies for such illegal purposes. GS has partnered with other anti-trust attorneys and law firms in these types of cases to protect and recover compensation for individuals and classes of purchasers and state attorneys general.

Employment (Wage and Hour and ERISA)
Every employee is entitled to a safe work place and to a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. Employers must comply with laws that regulate wages, hours and benefits. Yet many employees suffer injury or harassment at work, suffer employment discrimination because of their race, gender, age or disability, suffer illegal treatment in their rate of pay, overtime, and hours worked, and suffer the denial of severance, pension, health and other employment benefits. GS will investigate your claims, advise you of your options, and represent you to protect your rights and recover fair compensation. GS is experienced in representing individuals and classes of employees in all of these types of cases, including ERISA and FLSA.

Product Liability (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices)
Thousands of people are injured each year by unsafe products, drugs, equipment, medical devices, machinery and the like. GS works with experts and uses considerable resources to investigate whether a manufacturer violated its duty to provide safe products to consumers, and to seek fair compensation for innocent victims of defective products. GS believes that responsible product liability litigation can benefit all of society by resulting in safer products.

Investors in our market economy are entitled to accurate statements and information relating to a company’s products, performance and earnings, and to the company’s commitment to proper accounting practices. Yet individual and institutional investors are unable to make wise and informed investment decisions due to false and misleading information. GS has partnered with other firms to recover damages suffered by individual class and state attorneys general who made investment decisions based upon the artificial inflation of the market price of a security resulting from a company’s illegal statements to analysts, brokers and the investing public, and in a prospectus, offering, press release or other public statement.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
The experienced attorneys at GS understand the significant physical, emotional, and financial damage that can result from serious accidents. Most victims are overwhelmed by the sudden life changes and challenges following an accident, including dealing with insurance representatives, medical bills, wage loss, and the anguish and grief of recovery. GS will represent you to relieve you of many of those burdens so that you can focus on your health and your family. GS will be your zealous advocates to investigate your claims, protect your rights, and maximize the compensation to which you are entitled from all responsible parties.  GS represents families and children injured by lead poisoning in litigation against landlords, property owners, real estate agents, and employers who expose their workers to lead hazards. GS not only has experienced litigators for these types of cases, but also has attorneys with Masters degrees in environmental science and engineering which enables the Firm to offer both the legal and scientific expertise necessary to prosecute these complex cases.

Goldenberg Schneider have represented numerous individuals and companies in types of litigation not specifically listed here, including actions for the misappropriation of intellectual property and trade secrets; tortuous interference with commercial contracts and business relationships; injunctions to enforce Public Records and Open Meetings laws to enable GS’s client, the Cincinnati Enquirer, access to court documents and to meetings held by the University of Cincinnati, and a wide array of other cases involving personal and commercial disputes.  Please contact us for a free consultation to ensure that you are fully informed of your legal rights and options.