Environmental Health & Safety

GS offers experienced EHS attorneys, professionals, and technicians who are superior legal and technical EHS compliance counselors, managers, and EHS multi-media auditors. They develop, implement, and oversee EHS management systems, participate in environmentally sensitive transactions and due diligence, defend administrative enforcement actions, support permitting and licensing activities, draft high-quality EHS compliance plans, train plant and management personnel in compliance and auditing skills, and represent clients in Superfund and remediation projects. GS’s EHS personnel are:

Technically Skilled
GS lawyers possess engineering degrees or Master of Science Degrees in environmental engineering, environmental or safety science, and are trained and/or certified in EHS management systems. Similarly, GS’s technical professionals possess Master Degrees, professional engineer’s licenses, are certified EHS auditors, EHS management system professionals, LEED Accredited Professionals, and EHS trainers, and possess several other professional certifications.

GS’s EHS team represents both large and small corporations including General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Duke Energy Corp., Molex Corporation, Hospira, and E.ON among many others. All GS personnel have over ten years of practical experience in the EHS field. In keeping with GS’s service philosophy, GS never assigns a novice to a client’s project.

GS constantly cultivates close affiliations with select individuals and an international network of other firms with whom it can partner when necessary to assemble specialized skills, enhance team support, and establish relationships that may be necessary to efficiently accomplish its client’s business objectives.

GS’s EHS team offers many professional, technical, and legal skills, and strong minds and hard-working individuals that will task-organize and closely integrate with the client and its legal and technical personnel to accomplish the client’s objectives. With GS, the client gains highly skilled and experienced EHS attorneys and technical professionals at rates that are competitive with traditional consulting firms. These dedicated individuals can free the client’s personnel from the details of implementing and managing individual projects that may interfere with their ability to focus upon more global business and legal concerns.