Goldenberg Schneider, LPA (GS), founded in 1996, is a law Firm with two distinct departments: a civil litigation practice and an environmental health and safety practice.

The attorneys and professionals in the Environmental Health & Safety Practice (EHS) focus on EHS and many other regulatory legal and technical services.  They support our clients throughout the world in nearly every area of EHS management and legal advice including performing multi-media EHS audits and designing and implementing strategic compliance management solutions to defending clients in enforcement matters, providing cutting-edge strategic sustainability programs, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions.  A complete listing of EHS services and products can be found at:  http://www.gs-legal.com/environmental_health_safety/services_and_experiences/

The Litigation Practice (http://www.gs-legal.com/litigation/) prosecutes actions on behalf of individuals and companies in civil litigation, including complex class actions, in a wide range of legal fields from anti-trust, securities, consumer rights & protection, insurance litigation (including long-term care insurance coverage disputes), product liability including pharmaceutical and medical devices, employment and labor including ERISA (benefits recovery) and FLSA (overtime and other pay issues), toxic torts, personal injury and wrongful death.

A common failing with today’s legal and technical service is the professionals’ focus on the quantity of work generated rather than on the quality of services provided. This faulty approach dilutes the concentration and effort at critical stages in the litigation or EHS project development.

GS limits its caseload and business projects to ensure that each client receives the necessary and undivided attention, energy and creativity of the Firm’s attorneys, professionals, and staff. This Firm philosophy cultivates an ideal environment that maximizes the potential for case and project success as well as client satisfaction. In short, GS approaches each case and business project as an opportunity to create a mutually beneficial partnership.